Commitments thanks to great men like you mr president well hell i did not know that we. The people said they could have our money in The Yoda To Old For This Sith I Am Shirt first place oldvet all the ones that has testified. Worked for obama and probably still do and everyone knows it i am ok with helping our. Allies but why are we sending ukraine money for military help when they can pay all. That money to the ones on the board of burisma like hunter biden key point.

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They received The Yoda To Old For This Sith I Am Shirt money they needed after a brief delay to investigate corrpution in eight. Year obama sent nothing despite their pleading for help and the invasion by russia you have authorized aid each. Year of your presidency relax mr president even the people that didnt vote for you are embarrassed by this clowns. Show this is like saying the tiny runt in the neighborhood isnt afraid of the bully because he says in. Front of the bully that he isnt intimidated please a little honesty here of course.

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They are going to say they didnt feel pressure and there is proof if you read The Yoda To Old For This Sith I Am Shirt depositions and. Listen to the testimony they did know the money was being withheld listen to what you just. Said its not that they felt pressure or when they got the money its that you even had the conversation. That is the part that is sooooo wrong and impeachable i quite frankly dont care what. France germany mars venus etc are doing all i care about is what you did the.

Military aide was only given after The Yoda To Old For This Sith I Am Shirt cat was out of the bag so to speak. About your withholding game because europe and germany have long been taken over by the evil that perseus us now. Because there has never been anyone in the white house who cared for america enough to. Force them to be responsible keep fighting for the entire people of world not mind the. Degree of their shenanigans and scam or gimmick just concerntrate on your undaunted commitment thank.