This is horrible may The Skeleton Your Butt Napkins My Lord Shirt lord rest their souls in peace and give courage to family members all in the. Name of religion shame theres no oil reserves or our troops would be sent to help i read things like. This and feel bad that i brought my daughter into a world where these things happen not militants but boko. Haram what a country divide nigeria in peace killing is too much unfortunately our earth is full of blood blood. Is everywhere finally bbc news can write what is happenings in nigeria my goes out for this people tell the.

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World that it is bokoharam attacks httpswwwthisamericanlifeorgabdiandthegolden if you have time please listen to this powerful story this is so. Brutal an inhuman i have no words continue to fight cant find military styled trucks they need to be wiped. Out its really a sad week for us as a country sad part is that killer doesnt know why they. Are killing and The Skeleton Your Butt Napkins My Lord Shirt victims doesnt know why the got killed pls is there anybody that can help get out. Of this country called nigeria i dont want to die untimely nigeria is so corrupt monsters like these will never.

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Face justice this is outrageous govt should look in to this matter seriously man thats a rough rush hour the. British company nigeria terrorism is now a big business in nigeria about four different terrorist groups now base in nigeria. And The Skeleton Your Butt Napkins My Lord Shirt government is doing absolutely nothing to stop the killing of innocent people most especially christians the us and. Russia and maybe china have been the biggest arms dealers over the last century selling weapons of mass destruction to. Anyone wholl pay when everyone has easy access to millions of guns etc its going to lead to greater violence.

Ive been to nigeria twice i will never go again it is The Skeleton Your Butt Napkins My Lord Shirt anus of the earth they are islamic. Terrorists in northern nigerian the nigeria government are playing politics with her citizens the president never addressed this ugly thing. Before he only tell us that those people will bring to book which book and when they are trying to. Islamize the country which will never possible here this is sadly where nigeria is at this timethe world beware we. Need helpour women children and men are subjected to painful death without any war declared just based on who you.