Doesnt matter if you dont know her she was on The Lakers The Big 3 Shirt call with pence year of the boomerang. We support you mr president these people are shameful keep up the great work we hear you lets go. After pencil neck pelosi nadlerand the bidens and maybe throw in the clintons with a friend of a friend of. A coworkers friend said they were all liars and took money from other counties to play. And maybe even concocted a dossier oh my i think they should be tried and impeached because hearsay.

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Is even better than The Lakers The Big 3 Shirt truth lmao she is your vps assistant and she was on the call and. Has outed you you released a read out that you thought you could skinny down and. Have failed next week ore people who were on the call will testify that your call was perfect a perfectly. Criminal act all the trolls are going to be sooooo mad when the impeachment fails and trump is reelected. In im buying stock in tissues and butt hurt cream since the second transcript was released.

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And The Lakers The Big 3 Shirt ukrainian president said that trump was telling the truth what more proof do these nitwits need are. We to believe lying shifty schiff or a fired ambassador whos feelings were hurt i dont think so lets put. A end to this circus show and get back to work for the american people. You should not be slowed to pick and choose what your going to say you need. To talk about everything she needs to talk about both transcripts durham report so love.

That you keep your sense of humor thank you for actually working for america what is a mortal. Tribute kim clement prophesied about The Lakers The Big 3 Shirt impeachment against trump that will fail trump is gods. Will for america trump will sound the trumpet for america soon you will leave mrorange your days are numbered. If you are innocent why are so many people around you guilty and going to prison. Too many things have to line up for you to be guilty coincidence not hardly your pathetic.


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